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Waiting For Wifi

Maggie is the girl whose life you love to hate, as she effortlessly sifts through South America on the back of her successful travel blog. Except for the fact that Maggie is an agoraphobic failed Journalism graduate hiding in her bedroom in Rathmines for the past year, surviving on Tesco home delivery and working as an online GAA content curator for! But tonight, an interrupted Maggie must weather through the unexpected powerless storm of existentialism amidst a millenial - esque quarter life identity crisis. A comedic, all-baring glance into the mind of an extroverted introvert desperate for a connection...
Written & Performed by Jessica Courtney Leen
Waiting For Wifi was first performed at Smock Alley Scene & Heard 2017. It went on to play at CorcaDorca's SHOW 2019 at the Triskel Development Centre in Cork. 
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